Our Project Include : 1) IIT Mumbai2) Max Meuller Bhavan 3) 9X4) Edelweiss Finance & Investments Ltd5) Johnson & Johnson6) ACC Cement House7) Holiday Inn8) Trafigura
Sound Masking Systems
Acoustic Consultancy
Office Sound System
Sound Mixing Studio
Home Recording Studio
Movable Partitions
Auditorium Treatment
Acoustic Partitions
Home Theater Room Treatment
Reverberation Treatment of Classrooms
Industrial Noise Treatment
Acoustic Doors
Sound Proofing Existing Wooden Doors
Acoustic Curtains
Sound absorbing material
Soundproofing material
Sound Proof Windows
Door Safety Products
Door Hardware
Door Panic Bar
External Automatic Drop Down Door Seals
Internal Automatic Dropdown Seal
Door Gaskets and Smoke Seals
Intumescent Sheet
Movable Walls
Partition Walls
Divider Walls
Sliding Room Dividers
Room Dividers
Round the corner, Sliding Folding & Stacking - Parking
Straight Sliding Systems
Rollaway Straight Sliding Systems
Frameless Glass Straight Sliding System
Strap Straight Sliding Systems
Cavity - Sliding Systems
Sliding Folding Partition
Sliding Folding on Rollers
Sliding Stacking Systems
Movable Partition Parking Glass
Sliding Security Gates
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